Instalife: slacking the last days of August away

1. Sophia was caught snoozing under her favorite blanket.
2. That’s me! Before seeing Bruce Springsteen.
3. And that’s Kh and myself. I have the handsomest girlfriend.
4. I found this gigantic moth fluttering on the sidewalk. I thought it was a bird at first, but saved it from one of my dogs snacking on it.

5. My local craft store is starting to stock up on Halloween decorations. I’m so excited! It’s my favorite time of year.
6. Sneaking photos on date night, a few too many Dark and Stormy’s at our favorite bar.


I’ve been slacking in my instagram-ing lately. Will you ever forgive me? I’m getting caught up in real life stuffs, as usual. I’ve had a strange come and go stomach bug for the past week or so and it’s really not much fun. I was up until 5am the night before last with the BG’s (or bubble guts if you aren’t familiar with it). I got caught up on a lot of blog reading, but not so much in the sleep department.

I was convinced all day it was Thursday. I kept doing a happy dance in my head thinking about how soon Friday afternoon would be here, when the realization that it’s only Wednesday hit me. Muy sad-o was I. Why am I so excited for Friday? My two best friends will be in town this weekend! Yeehaw. I’m excited.



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  1. alisaferris

    Love it!

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