What I’m up to – my Tuesday night

Want to take a guess at what I did Tuesday night?

Still unsure? Well let me tell you. Kh and I went to see Bruce Springsteen at Fenway Park! A little birdy scored us some tickets and we had to take advantage of it. We had seats right on the turf and the whole place was packed.

The show itself was fantastic. The Boss barely stopped to even catch his breathe. We had these two women standing next to us the whole time that couldn’t contain their excitement. They shook it like they were at a high school dance and loved chatting Kh up.

You like the picture of us? I think it really brings out my eyes. We took another one that was brighter but I didn’t quite like how my chin looked like there were 3 of them.

We had a few beers, at a million dollars a cup and I was sure to buy my mom a little souvenir. I won’t say what it is, it’ll ruin the surprise.

And that’s that. We left a little early to make sure we missed the crowd. I hate the after a concert rush of people, so I always make sure to sneak out a little early. There were tons of people sitting out on the curb listening to the show, as you could hear it all over the streets. I even saw a few people with their dogs, aww!




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2 responses to “What I’m up to – my Tuesday night

  1. alisaferris

    I’m so excited!

  2. alisaferris

    You are so lucky! (even if a beer was a million bucks!)

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