Instalife: a little bit more of August

1. 5 random facts about me
2. We spent an afternoon shopping and treated ourselves to reeses peanut butter cup blizzards. Delicious.
3. My mason jar candle holder DIY went live yesterday. Check it out.
4. I love a geometric pattern.

5. This months birchbox contents.
6. Little man passed out on the couch. This is the view from the floor. ha!
7. It was a hot day for buttbutt.
8. I rekindled my love for my favorite earrings. I need to find a replacement, I dropped one of them and it broke the tip off. So mad.

9. My favorite theater has these owl lights everywhere. Wonder why it’s my favorite.
10. And they serve beer at the theater.
11. Dinner and.. a beer!
12. Kh and I went to our first roller derby bout. It was great and they served… beer!


I’ve been working on the layout of the blog lately, which in turn is allowing me to have larger format pictures. Especially collages! You may even notice a new header.

The next couple of weekends are crammed full with activities. Day trips to Western MA, burlesque shows, and girl friend visits. Summer is slowly coming to a close, and I can’t really wait. I want to wear boots and sweaters!

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