Not enough AC, too many kale chips and what else is going on

What I’m loving – When my girlfriend brings me home flowers for no reason. Especially when said flowers have roses, carnations and my favorite sunflowers in the bouquet. Sophia snuggling me under the covers just before I get out of bed. This lack of humidity on 80º days, mixed with clear skies is perfect, bring on cold weather. Cooking with fresh veggies.

What I’m not loving so much – The fact my car has no AC is a pretty big downer. I missed laundry day due to a client meeting

What I’m reading – I always manage to have at least 2 books going at once. I’m alternating between A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Affinity. I’m having a harder time getting into Affinity, mostly because I’m reading it on a kindle. I keep trying to turn the pages.. I catch myself doing it then looking around to make sure no one caught me. Oh technology..

What I’m watching – I can’t stop watching River Monsters. Giant catfish, flesh rippers, and death rays! I’m such a sucker for nature shows, especially ones of the aquatic variety. When he gets on the tiny canoes trying to catch 100lb fish, ekk I get a little freaked out.

What I’m eating – Baked kale chips and Kh’s homemade salsa have been at the top of my list lately. I make the kale chips almost every Sunday (or Monday night.. depending on how motivated I am) when we sit down to watch True Blood. Add a glass of wine in there and I’m pretty much in heaven. As for the salsa? Saturday morning omelettes couldn’t get any better. After work snacking is a lot easier too. NOM

What I’m wearing – I found the perfect maxi skirt from Old Navy a couple of months ago, and since then I’ve bought 2 more. The first one I bought shrunk to an uncomfortable size in the wash (ugh I hate that!) and the next two have been perfect. I’m definitely guilty of buying more than one of the same article of clothing when I’m really in love with it.



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