Instalife: the last hint of July

1. Kh brought me home flowers. I love sunflowers!
2. Collecting flowers to press and dry for my sketchbook.
3. Yellow sundress and my extremely tanned hand.

4. Lucy snoozing hard.
5. Someone got hungry before her morning walk.

6. I collect old photographs and found this one laying on the ground.
7. Artichoke and crab dip from my favorite happy hour spot.
8. Getting back into sketching.


The past 5 days I’ve been working on a (I’m keeping it a secret..shh..) project that’s been sucking up ALL of my time. I just finished it last night, and I can not wait for it to go live. It’s really helping me get my creativity going again. I’ve been slacking in the DIY department lately, but I’ll try to fix that. I’m recharged and have a million new ideas.

In other news, have you noticed it’s August? Where is time going? I’ve got some serious last minute Summer activities to cram in.



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One response to “Instalife: the last hint of July

  1. alisaferris

    Love to see your sketches!

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