Get it out of my head already

I’ve been having this problem lately. It starts in the morning just as I open my eyes.. I get a ringing in my ears and BAM! I get a song stuck in my head. I’ll sing it in the shower, I’ll sing it while I’m taking the dogs out, I even sang to Kh while she made us eggs this weekend. Backed up with the acoustics of my shower stall, my shampoo bottle morphing into a microphone I know for sure I’m a pretty damn.. awful singer.

I wasn’t one of those girls that voluntarily sang in music class. In chorus I alternated between mouthing the words “watermelon” and “I love cheese sandwiches.” I got away with it.. until we had to do one on ones. Now I’ve settled into my awful singer badge and I wear it proudly. In the shower, car, and especially in my apartment. If Sophie and Lucy could wear earplugs, I’m sure they would. (Ekk cute, dog sized earplugs)

I danced around the kitchen singing just the chorus of this little gem to Kh this weekend. I serenaded her while putting laundry away which was probably the last straw. Finally she looked at me and said “Can you learn more of the song than just the chorus?” Busted.

Sunday morning.. a raging hangover from the night before and isn’t it perfect this is the song I wake up to? In my head of course. I really want to watch Dirty Dancing now.

I’ve been having some dreams that are rather angst ridden. You know, the type where you’re beating the crap out of someone and they just stand there laughing. So surprise! Wake up to some L7 shoving things around in my noggin.

I didn’t even include some of the Disney soundtrack songs, Broadway classics, and of course “Let the bodies hit the floor.” (Don’t ask!) The best part about having all these songs just popping up in my head? I’m feeling really inspired to search out new music. I forgot how great music is at getting the creative “juices” a’flowin.



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