Treasure hunting in Connecticut

What do you do when you get that wandering “gotta go somewhere” feeling? You pack your bags and drive to CT of course! Seems completely rational right? It’s also precisely what we did this past weekend. We packed an overnight bag, a couple of dog beds for the girls, and our twin size air mattress and hit the road. We had big plans to go to the Drive-In and a flea market the next day.

We often like to “pibe” all of our plans. Play it by ear, that is. We’ve become pros at it. If there’s one thing I’m a self proclaimed pro at, it’s being a flake. I mean that in the.. well.. sort of nicest way possible. We both don’t like to make full on commitments to plans since we have no idea how we’ll be feeling at the time.

Once we got to CT, and after a lengthy couple-like discussion about how the lights on our car come on automatically when it’s dark, we decided to go out to dinner with her parents at a microbrewery instead of the Drive-Ins. I had a burger that was just as burnt as the way my mom makes them (sorry mom!) and a pretty tasty beer.

We spent the rest of the night relaxing on the porch at Kh’s parents, drinking beer and trying not to get eaten alive by her parents German Shepard. Ok maybe not eaten, but he’s a little high strung and loves to bark at movement. So I was being pretty selfish and just wanting to save my eardrums from constant bombardment.

Sunday we got up bright and early and staggered out to a local flea market.

We got this pen and ink print for $10, what a steal. The frame needs to be fixed, but I really love it. Every so often I’ll find a piece of artwork that starts to stir mild creativity within, and this is one of those pieces. I worked in pen/ink for quite a while and slowly phased away from it. This is inspiring me to pick it up again. I love how you can see the scratch marks on the paper where the pen didn’t have any ink left.

After walking around in the hot sun (and lets face it we were both hungover) we went out to breakfast. For once I didn’t get a picture of my food. Hash browns and an omelet, yes please.

Since the flea market was a bit of a bust, we decided to go antiquing after breakfast. I forgot how much fun it can be trying to find the little treasures you collect or even just browsing through all the stuff. I’m always on the look out for owl paraphernalia, jewelry, artwork, and religious iconography.

I found these spiral earrings for $10. They’ve got some weight to them, which I particularly like. I stretch my ears out on and off every so often and regular earrings will fall out if they aren’t hooked/weighted down.

One of the antique shops we stopped at had a 1960’s – 1970’s corner. Pins preaching peace and love, vests and bell bottoms as colorful as my great grandma’s couch.  We found a 70’s table cloth that I just kind of had to have.

At the same antique store I found a treasure trove of rings. My favorite part of antique stores definitely would have to be the jewelry. How cute is this ring I got for $7.50.

(the ring on the right is my anniversary ring from Kh that we found at our fav antique store)

Now the only problem is how can I possibly fuel my rekindled obsession with treasure hunting and not go overboard. We do need more outdoor furniture options for the porch..

Until next time folks!



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