Instalife: July third edition

1. After helping Kh pick out new glasses last week we went to a Mexican restaurant that has my favorite salad and had a few drinks.
2. There just happened to be a torrential downpour while walking to dinner. The sky was so dark, and my shoes got soaked.
3. I ran smack into a slum last week. Dark bags under my eyes and all.

4. I can’t stop myself from buying new nail polishes.
5. Look at that face!
6. We had a veggie and cheese platter for dinner.. because well.. I just didn’t want to cook.

7. We went to CT this past weekend, and while driving thru the tollbooth I noticed a heart shaped doggy nose print.
8. Beautiful sunny skies all weekend.
9. We had dinner at a microbrewery and I had a tasty light beer.

10. We went to a flea market, and I’ve never seen so many cell phone clips in my life. Oh, and that sweet van.
11. I had a blizzard from DQ, peanut butter cup to be precise.
12. Sophia found a sun beam at Kh’s parents house, which is her favorite spot to lounge. Throw in her favorite blankie and she never wanted to move.


I can’t believe how fast July is coming to an end. I’m not always the biggest fan of Summer, but I’m still hoping to go camping and get a few more swimming adventures in before we really see the end of Summer. Although this heat can get out of here already. I’m probably the one person in existence that is completely against getting a tan.

Until next week folks!



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