What’s in my July Birchbox

July marks my third month of getting a Birchbox in the mail. Last month I got a few treasures that I’m still using, particularly the olive liquid eyeliner and the rose water spray. I’m still not completely convinced I’m going to keep my subscription, as I’m really more interested in the cosmetic/beauty product samples and there’s usually 1 or 2 in each box. But we’ll see.

This months Birchbox was brought to you by Glamour.

Onwards to this months goodies!

:: Oscar de la Renta live in love
Each Birchbox I get has a perfume sample in it, and well I’m never a big fan. Scents are to much for me and I prefer my perfume to come in the form of an essential oil. Different scents appeal to different individuals, so I can’t really speak for others on this one.

:: Larabar uber – roasted nut roll
From the moment I opened July’s Birchbox Kh has been wanting nothing more than to eat this tiny bar. I had to hide it from her until I finally photographed it. I don’t like things that are too nutty. I’m the type of gal that picks off peanuts from the top of her ice cream and avoids anything but peanut butter at all costs. So, I’ll have to update you later on how Kh likes the roasted nut roll.

:: Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds
I think it’s super cute they included earbuds in this months box. Especially since they’re hot pink and green.

:: Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Fade Proof Fluide
I like getting a chance to try out products before I sum them up in a post. This is one product I certainly did test out. It’s even more perfect since it’s been one hot Summer here in Massachusetts. Does the sun ever stop shining on my overly dyed hair? I think not, so I love using this when I know I’ll be out on particularly sunny days. The product smells nice and leaves my hair feeling silky.

:: stila It’s Go Time Lip Glaze
I have yet to try out this lip glaze. From the looks of it I’m not a large fan of the color, and I’m hesitant it’ll be too thick. I don’t want to come off as a 90’s teen wearing sparkly lipgloss, as tempting as that may be really.

:: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint
They got the tint right when they sent me this sample. Thank goodness! I’m as white as can be (normally) and really liked how this matched my skin tone. I was a little disappointed in how little there was in the tube, just enough to maybe cover my face once. So I’m saving it for a special occasion.

So the tally? 2 out of 5. Am I slightly disappointed? Yes. I’m still waiting patiently to get another nail polish or even a new mascara to try out. I do like getting samples of products I’d never regularly buy in any other circumstance, especially hair products. But it gets to a point when a girl needs some products she’d actually use, you hear me?



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