Instalife: second July edition

1. Did somebody say treats ? The only time she ever takes a real interest in me is when I have something to feed her.
2. This is Lucy’s way of helping us put away laundry. Truth be told I usually wait until the pile of clean laundry takes up half the bed, then I put it away.
3. Not pictured: 2 dogs begging for the treats in my  hand. That makes 5 dogs we had this past Saturday.
4. Kh has a new lucy hat.

5. It was hot. We were shopping at the mall and saw a Friendly’s next door. Normally we don’t eat such grossness, but I couldn’t say no to a peanut butter cup Friendz with soft serve ice cream.. Give me more!
6. I found the perfect gladiator sandals for this Summer. I don’t care what people say, I love gladiator sandals. Well as long as they aren’t too intense.
7. I got in some retail therapy (like I mentioned in #5) recently. I tried on the ugliest pant jump suit, and of course lots of black clothes. Stay tuned later this week for some of my finds.
8. How amazing is this necklace Kh got me for our 2 year anniversary? Now I just need to find the perfect outfit to go with it..

9. I’m still obsessed with neon nail polishes, and a little bit more obsessed with sitting on our back porch, drinking wine.
10. French vanilla coffee creamer, I forgot how much I love thee.


I’m counting down the days until the weekend is here again. We haven’t quite figured out what we’re going to do, but I’m hoping I don’t get scheduled any work so we can enjoy our time together. This weekend was pretty crazy work wise and I could do with some relaxing time.

Some of our options include going to the Drive-In, going to some estate sales, seeing what’s happening at a local art/craft fair, or maybe just laying on the couch watching cheesy horror movies in the ac.

The last bit sounds better and better each day. Yay for being a homebody!





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One response to “Instalife: second July edition

  1. alisaferris

    I love KH’s Lucy hat!

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