Let’s just take a peek: what’s in my bag

When it comes to loving a big hobo bag with fringe on it, I’m guilty as charged. I used to try and fit as much as I possibly could into my purses. Day planner, moleskin, makeup bag, wallet, pens… sunglasses.. I’m hoping you get the idea. Since then I’ve downsized considerably. I have a bag I use for work, and save my over sized fringe bag for play time. I do the same thing when it comes to clothes, I guess I’m always worried I’ll wear through my favorite clothing items and not have an extra to replace them.

So, what’s in this monstrosity of a bag you may be asking yourself, or even me through your computer screen. Let’s take a little peek inside, shall we?

I wasn’t lying when I said I downsized. I don’t even carry a makeup bag with me anymore. It was really getting too heavy to even carry.

1. My wallet. I get a new one every couple of months and always have mild anxiety about switching over all the contents.
2. Sunglass case. I had been looking for a cute case forever.
3. My compact. I’ve switched to Covergirl ever since I ran out of my mineral foundation from being True.
4. Burt’s Bees chapstick, my saving grace.
5. being True sheer lip shine in alluring.
6. My keys. I have way too many cards for various stores, a pancake keychain, and a worn out owl cover on my house key.
7. Loose change! A penny and a quarter.. I’m rich.
8. My sunglasses. They’ve survived several months of my abuse, which is shocking. Any pair of sunglasses I buy have a life of at least one month in my hands.

While cruising Target with my biffle a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with this turquoise wallet. I wasn’t quite ready to make the switch over from my purple wallet.. So I just kind of stare at it. Biggest downfall? It doesn’t have a place for photos. Which is my favorite part about a good wallet.

How am I going to carry about this adorable picture of me pinching my brother when we were kids?

Maybe this weekend I’ll take the plunge and switch wallets. I’m still working on getting over my anxiety of new wallet-syndrome.



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