Make it Monday: animal figurine jewelry hanger

Do you ever have those moments where you see something really cute and seemingly so simple to make you just have to try it? Ok, maybe your answer was no, but I have those moments all the time. So when Kh came up with the idea to make this jewelry hanger for our friend Kate’s birthday, I was completely on board.

We headed to the craft store and found all of the supplies we needed in one place. AC Moore, some times I still really love you. I found multiple tutorials online that I used mostly as a guide to help with any questions that might come up. In the long run it was mostly trial and error that got us through it.

And by us I mean Kh. I have to give her full credit for dissembling the animals, drilling holes, and cutting pieces of dowel rod off for the pegs.

What you’ll need..

  • Animal figurines – there’s such a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Pick out whatever you like! Keep in mind ones with antlers, ears, etc make it easier to hang jewelry from.
  • A long piece of wood, or a wooden plaque
  • A dowel the same size as your drill bit
  • Drill
  • Utility knife
  • Glue – I used e6000
  • Saw or something to cut the animals apart
  • Vice or clamp

Now you need to..

1. Cut the part of the animal off you want to use. I thought it would be cute to have animal butts! We used the heads though. Make sure the backs of the part you choose are cut so they lay flat against the wood.

2. Putting the animal pieces in the clamp or vice, drill a hole roughly in the center of the back of each head (or butt..). I say use a vice or clamp so you don’t hurt yourself. Safety! You may want to try drilling into one of the discarded animal pieces before you drill into your actual pieces.

3. Cut pieces of the dowel off, enough pieces for each one of your animal heads. Make sure your dowel pieces are long enough to fit 1/3 of it in the animal head. Put the dowel pieces in the animal heads, to both ensure it fits and that you don’t lose the dowels.

4. Measure and mark where you want your animal heads to go on the board. Try to make sure the line of animal heads is close to the middle of the board. Drill the hole far enough in to fit your dowel pieces. However far you see fit.

5. This would be the point you could paint or gloss your wood. We decided to leave it unfinished, mostly because we couldn’t decide what to paint it or the color gloss/stain. If you aren’t staining or painting it insert your animal pieces into the holes, put a small drop of glue in the hole for extra hold. This was the fun part! Mixing and matching what animals go where.

6. Let sit to dry. Once fully dry, I turned it over and nailed in two hanging brackets on the back. Easy to move and place where you like!

How easy was that? Thanks to Kh, she did all the hard parts. Now I’m wanting to make one of my own, using animal butts of course. A rhino hiney, I’d love it.



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One response to “Make it Monday: animal figurine jewelry hanger

  1. alisaferris

    Too cute! Rhino hiney…

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