Manicure Monday: my colors as of late

I’ve been successfully reaching outside my usual nail polish zone lately and experimenting with neon nail polishes. I collected neon pink and neon orange in the past couple of weeks. There’s a green and purple one I’m coveting, even a yellow one but I don’t like the idea of a million coats.

How great is this orange?

I’ve had this Butter London red nail polish for quite some time now and finally tried it out. Love it! The packaging is just too cute.

Tonight I’ll be switching back to neon pink, maybe even with some white polka dots. What can I say, I’m in loooove!




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2 responses to “Manicure Monday: my colors as of late

  1. o4owesome

    Loving the orange and the red 🙂

  2. Moru

    I have the blue that you have there. I absolutely love it, even without a glossy topcoat. I am a huge fan of matte nail polish. I have just recently gotten back into painting my nails. It actually keeps me from biting them, so they’re actually growing. 🙂 I’d love to see a picture if you do the white polka dots!

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