Instalife: end of June edition

1. Our house guest for the weekend is just the tiniest bit needy. I’ve had 3 fuzzy shadows for the past 4 days.
2. Saturday = pilates. I’m still having a hard time walking down stairs (feel the burn!), but the spinach wrap treat after was well worth it.
3. I had a few cat sits recently. I love that my one client has a heart shaped water bowl.
4. Let me admit my guilty pleasure.. a strawberry sundae from BK.
5. Our first cook out by the pool! We went to our friends house and even Lucy got to swim in the pool.
6. I stayed sitting poolside drinking Sangria and Gin/Tonics. It’s a rough life!
7. After a day of shopping for new tank tops (and Kh’s fancy new shirt seen in the picture) we had a sushi lunch date, followed by a dinner date to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So cheesy!
8. Still spending tons of time on the porch. See my neon orange nail polish that I’m obsessed with?


It’s officially Summer in my book. This past weekend we had a cookout and spent most of the day floating around our friends’ pool. You know what made it even better? Sangria and homemade salsa. Absolutely perfect way to begin Summer. I have a feeling my weekends are going to continue to get more and more fantastic. We have plans for weekend getaways, cookouts galore, and of course lots of friend hang outs.

We’re hoping to catch another movie soon at our local theater that sells beer. Nothing beats a cheesy movie like a cheesy movie washed down with some booze.



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