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Get it out of my head already

I’ve been having this problem lately. It starts in the morning just as I open my eyes.. I get a ringing in my ears and BAM! I get a song stuck in my head. I’ll sing it in the shower, I’ll sing it while I’m taking the dogs out, I even sang to Kh while she made us eggs this weekend. Backed up with the acoustics of my shower stall, my shampoo bottle morphing into a microphone I know for sure I’m a pretty damn.. awful singer.

I wasn’t one of those girls that voluntarily sang in music class. In chorus I alternated between mouthing the words “watermelon” and “I love cheese sandwiches.” I got away with it.. until we had to do one on ones. Now I’ve settled into my awful singer badge and I wear it proudly. In the shower, car, and especially in my apartment. If Sophie and Lucy could wear earplugs, I’m sure they would. (Ekk cute, dog sized earplugs)

I danced around the kitchen singing just the chorus of this little gem to Kh this weekend. I serenaded her while putting laundry away which was probably the last straw. Finally she looked at me and said “Can you learn more of the song than just the chorus?” Busted.

Sunday morning.. a raging hangover from the night before and isn’t it perfect this is the song I wake up to? In my head of course. I really want to watch Dirty Dancing now.

I’ve been having some dreams that are rather angst ridden. You know, the type where you’re beating the crap out of someone and they just stand there laughing. So surprise! Wake up to some L7 shoving things around in my noggin.

I didn’t even include some of the Disney soundtrack songs, Broadway classics, and of course “Let the bodies hit the floor.” (Don’t ask!) The best part about having all these songs just popping up in my head? I’m feeling really inspired to search out new music. I forgot how great music is at getting the creative “juices” a’flowin.



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my womanifesto



 A written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, and views of its female author. May include themes of empowerment, independence, self love, consciousness, affirmation, and individual acceptance; your positive beliefs about yourself. Created to give self-described definition in regards to the innate beauty inside of every woman. Yes, even you.
Join the movement! Here!
I’m a heavy sigh.
I’m complications rolled up in the simplest of forms.
I’m a woman, a girl, a child all struggling to exist and find their way down this muddy path.
My curves can conquer war ships and bring my lover to her knees.
My flaws are only flaws in others eyes, I love myself and ignore those that don’t matter.
My body is beautiful.
I’m allowed to have inner dialogues with myself. Cheer sessions where I’m on top of the world and can conquer all, and berating moments where I’m not good enough.
I’m allowed to get lost in my own mind, no trail of breadcrumbs can lead me out.
I’m allowed to cherish the silence.
I’m allowed to cry loud and laugh softly.
I’m a wandering soul that wishes she could find a home.
I’m a dream chaser with worn shoes.
I’m a contradiction, but that doesn’t mean what I feel at this very moment isn’t valid. And in a few moments when it changes, it’ll be valid then too.
I’m not going to follow your rules. I’ve made my own.
I want to see a thousand sunsets and sleep through a thousand sunrises.
I want to live it all, but some days not at all. I’m allowed these days.
I want to make mistakes, and not learn from them. I’ll wear the scars like a road map of my life.
My past can only haunt me if I let the ghosts catch me.
My clothes will never be folded and black is the only color you’ll see me in.
My tattoos are part of me and mark passing moments in my life.
I fight to live each day for me, and every hour is only mine. I won’t censor myself to make it easier for you.
I’m moody, scattered, loving, fierce, soft, sarcastic, morbid, perverted, creative.. I’m everything. I’m a woman.

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Treasure hunting in Connecticut

What do you do when you get that wandering “gotta go somewhere” feeling? You pack your bags and drive to CT of course! Seems completely rational right? It’s also precisely what we did this past weekend. We packed an overnight bag, a couple of dog beds for the girls, and our twin size air mattress and hit the road. We had big plans to go to the Drive-In and a flea market the next day.

We often like to “pibe” all of our plans. Play it by ear, that is. We’ve become pros at it. If there’s one thing I’m a self proclaimed pro at, it’s being a flake. I mean that in the.. well.. sort of nicest way possible. We both don’t like to make full on commitments to plans since we have no idea how we’ll be feeling at the time.

Once we got to CT, and after a lengthy couple-like discussion about how the lights on our car come on automatically when it’s dark, we decided to go out to dinner with her parents at a microbrewery instead of the Drive-Ins. I had a burger that was just as burnt as the way my mom makes them (sorry mom!) and a pretty tasty beer.

We spent the rest of the night relaxing on the porch at Kh’s parents, drinking beer and trying not to get eaten alive by her parents German Shepard. Ok maybe not eaten, but he’s a little high strung and loves to bark at movement. So I was being pretty selfish and just wanting to save my eardrums from constant bombardment.

Sunday we got up bright and early and staggered out to a local flea market.

We got this pen and ink print for $10, what a steal. The frame needs to be fixed, but I really love it. Every so often I’ll find a piece of artwork that starts to stir mild creativity within, and this is one of those pieces. I worked in pen/ink for quite a while and slowly phased away from it. This is inspiring me to pick it up again. I love how you can see the scratch marks on the paper where the pen didn’t have any ink left.

After walking around in the hot sun (and lets face it we were both hungover) we went out to breakfast. For once I didn’t get a picture of my food. Hash browns and an omelet, yes please.

Since the flea market was a bit of a bust, we decided to go antiquing after breakfast. I forgot how much fun it can be trying to find the little treasures you collect or even just browsing through all the stuff. I’m always on the look out for owl paraphernalia, jewelry, artwork, and religious iconography.

I found these spiral earrings for $10. They’ve got some weight to them, which I particularly like. I stretch my ears out on and off every so often and regular earrings will fall out if they aren’t hooked/weighted down.

One of the antique shops we stopped at had a 1960’s – 1970’s corner. Pins preaching peace and love, vests and bell bottoms as colorful as my great grandma’s couch.  We found a 70’s table cloth that I just kind of had to have.

At the same antique store I found a treasure trove of rings. My favorite part of antique stores definitely would have to be the jewelry. How cute is this ring I got for $7.50.

(the ring on the right is my anniversary ring from Kh that we found at our fav antique store)

Now the only problem is how can I possibly fuel my rekindled obsession with treasure hunting and not go overboard. We do need more outdoor furniture options for the porch..

Until next time folks!


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Instalife: July third edition

1. After helping Kh pick out new glasses last week we went to a Mexican restaurant that has my favorite salad and had a few drinks.
2. There just happened to be a torrential downpour while walking to dinner. The sky was so dark, and my shoes got soaked.
3. I ran smack into a slum last week. Dark bags under my eyes and all.

4. I can’t stop myself from buying new nail polishes.
5. Look at that face!
6. We had a veggie and cheese platter for dinner.. because well.. I just didn’t want to cook.

7. We went to CT this past weekend, and while driving thru the tollbooth I noticed a heart shaped doggy nose print.
8. Beautiful sunny skies all weekend.
9. We had dinner at a microbrewery and I had a tasty light beer.

10. We went to a flea market, and I’ve never seen so many cell phone clips in my life. Oh, and that sweet van.
11. I had a blizzard from DQ, peanut butter cup to be precise.
12. Sophia found a sun beam at Kh’s parents house, which is her favorite spot to lounge. Throw in her favorite blankie and she never wanted to move.


I can’t believe how fast July is coming to an end. I’m not always the biggest fan of Summer, but I’m still hoping to go camping and get a few more swimming adventures in before we really see the end of Summer. Although this heat can get out of here already. I’m probably the one person in existence that is completely against getting a tan.

Until next week folks!


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What’s in my July Birchbox

July marks my third month of getting a Birchbox in the mail. Last month I got a few treasures that I’m still using, particularly the olive liquid eyeliner and the rose water spray. I’m still not completely convinced I’m going to keep my subscription, as I’m really more interested in the cosmetic/beauty product samples and there’s usually 1 or 2 in each box. But we’ll see.

This months Birchbox was brought to you by Glamour.

Onwards to this months goodies!

:: Oscar de la Renta live in love
Each Birchbox I get has a perfume sample in it, and well I’m never a big fan. Scents are to much for me and I prefer my perfume to come in the form of an essential oil. Different scents appeal to different individuals, so I can’t really speak for others on this one.

:: Larabar uber – roasted nut roll
From the moment I opened July’s Birchbox Kh has been wanting nothing more than to eat this tiny bar. I had to hide it from her until I finally photographed it. I don’t like things that are too nutty. I’m the type of gal that picks off peanuts from the top of her ice cream and avoids anything but peanut butter at all costs. So, I’ll have to update you later on how Kh likes the roasted nut roll.

:: Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds
I think it’s super cute they included earbuds in this months box. Especially since they’re hot pink and green.

:: Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Fade Proof Fluide
I like getting a chance to try out products before I sum them up in a post. This is one product I certainly did test out. It’s even more perfect since it’s been one hot Summer here in Massachusetts. Does the sun ever stop shining on my overly dyed hair? I think not, so I love using this when I know I’ll be out on particularly sunny days. The product smells nice and leaves my hair feeling silky.

:: stila It’s Go Time Lip Glaze
I have yet to try out this lip glaze. From the looks of it I’m not a large fan of the color, and I’m hesitant it’ll be too thick. I don’t want to come off as a 90’s teen wearing sparkly lipgloss, as tempting as that may be really.

:: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint
They got the tint right when they sent me this sample. Thank goodness! I’m as white as can be (normally) and really liked how this matched my skin tone. I was a little disappointed in how little there was in the tube, just enough to maybe cover my face once. So I’m saving it for a special occasion.

So the tally? 2 out of 5. Am I slightly disappointed? Yes. I’m still waiting patiently to get another nail polish or even a new mascara to try out. I do like getting samples of products I’d never regularly buy in any other circumstance, especially hair products. But it gets to a point when a girl needs some products she’d actually use, you hear me?


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Instalife: second July edition

1. Did somebody say treats ? The only time she ever takes a real interest in me is when I have something to feed her.
2. This is Lucy’s way of helping us put away laundry. Truth be told I usually wait until the pile of clean laundry takes up half the bed, then I put it away.
3. Not pictured: 2 dogs begging for the treats in my  hand. That makes 5 dogs we had this past Saturday.
4. Kh has a new lucy hat.

5. It was hot. We were shopping at the mall and saw a Friendly’s next door. Normally we don’t eat such grossness, but I couldn’t say no to a peanut butter cup Friendz with soft serve ice cream.. Give me more!
6. I found the perfect gladiator sandals for this Summer. I don’t care what people say, I love gladiator sandals. Well as long as they aren’t too intense.
7. I got in some retail therapy (like I mentioned in #5) recently. I tried on the ugliest pant jump suit, and of course lots of black clothes. Stay tuned later this week for some of my finds.
8. How amazing is this necklace Kh got me for our 2 year anniversary? Now I just need to find the perfect outfit to go with it..

9. I’m still obsessed with neon nail polishes, and a little bit more obsessed with sitting on our back porch, drinking wine.
10. French vanilla coffee creamer, I forgot how much I love thee.


I’m counting down the days until the weekend is here again. We haven’t quite figured out what we’re going to do, but I’m hoping I don’t get scheduled any work so we can enjoy our time together. This weekend was pretty crazy work wise and I could do with some relaxing time.

Some of our options include going to the Drive-In, going to some estate sales, seeing what’s happening at a local art/craft fair, or maybe just laying on the couch watching cheesy horror movies in the ac.

The last bit sounds better and better each day. Yay for being a homebody!




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It’s Friday friday friiidayyy the 13th

:: source ::

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Guess what date I love? Give up? Friday the 13th! While it’s not particularly a special date as it occurred 3 times in 2012, it’s still my favorite every time it does come about.

If it’s my favorite date, it’s only natural Friday the 13th would be one of my all time favorite movies.. Right? Ok probably not.. There’s no real logic behind that but still. Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved the slasher flicks, hack’em up and stab’em horror movies from the 70’s and 80’s, and onwards. Throw a bit of superstition in there and I’m all over it. On rainy days my mom and I used to lay on the couch, her head on one end, mine at the other and watch SciFi movies all day long.

A few years ago I got a tattoo of Mrs. Voorhees severed head on my left thigh. Talk about a conversation starter, and slight devotion. It was based off this photo of her severed head in the fridge.

:: source ::

She looks pretty good with a bow tie, don’tcha think? She took 10 hours to complete, and I sat for it straight with a few smoke breaks here and there. My longest sitting to date for a tattoo. One of these days I’ll outdo that..

So, yaayyy it’s Friday! I have the whole weekend ahead of me (even though I have to work a lot..) and can’t wait to get it started. Happy Friday the 13th everyone, try not to melt out there in this heatwave that we’re having here at least.


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