Cocchi Americano spritzin cocktail

Last month Kh and I went to an all ladies Cinco de Mayo party, where we were introduced to cocchi americano – an aperitif wine that Kh immediately fell in love with. The moment she tasted it, I could see hearts dancing in her eyes.

A couple of weeks ago Kh went on a aperitif hunt to find the new love of her life. It’s  not an easy thing to come by, but certainly worth it. She had gotten the idea for a refreshing (and incredibly simple) cocktail(spritzer?) recipe to take to our friend Kate’s (from sippets and sharpies) birthday party.

What you’ll need..

  • A bottle of Cocchi Americano
  • An orange
  • A bottle of club soda
  • Ice

Now you…

Cut up the oranges and set them aside. Mix the bottle of cocchi americano with the club soda. A ratio of 1:1 worked well for us, add the orange slices and ice. Let sit in the fridge to cool. How easy is that?

We decided to mix everything in a large mason jar. I took some orange fabric I had left over and decorated the top of it, and put a ribbon on the side just for that extra touch. It matched the orange slices and I was real happy with how it all came out.



Dee-lish! Hello Summertime.



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  1. I can attest (first hand) to the deliciousness of this beverage AND its totally adorable packaging. I heart having friends who make amazing things (so lucky!). Bring this to your next event & you’ll be the talk of the town.

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