Instalife: 3rd edition of June

1. I found new meatless – quorn – frozen burritos at my local grocery store. I’m in love. I always use quorn as a chicken substitute.
2. It’s been so hot lately we’ve had to put the curtains down between the living room and dining room to contain the cold air in the living room. I’ve been melting!
3. And since I’ve been melting, I’ve been getting better about using a mud masque at night 3x a week to help calm my skin. I look like swamp things cousin.
4. Heat = I’m not cooking. We had a culinary tour of the world last week, starting with sushi and ending with Indian food. I love take out. Or rather, I love not cooking when it’s really hot out.
5 and 6. We had some crazy storms Saturday night, and I just couldn’t help but watch them from the porch. After the storms passed there was a double rainbow.
7. We took a trip to Home Depot where I had to buy this bench I’d been mildly lusting after. We had an overnight dog that didn’t seem to want to help me put it together.
8 and 9. On the same trip we impulsively bought new outdoor furniture for our back porch. I guarantee I’m going to be living out there by the end of Summer.


This week Kh is in New Jersey for work, which leaves me home alone with the girls. My first thought? Hooray! I’m going to stay up and party all night like I’m a teenager! But in reality I moped around last night and had mac and cheese for dinner. This morning I’m doing relatively the same thing with a cup of coffee in my hand.

More coffee!



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One response to “Instalife: 3rd edition of June

  1. Alisa

    You are so lucky-Quorn burritos! It will be at least a year before we see them here.

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