Instalife: 2nd June edition

1. I got Kh a soda streamer for her birthday and we’ve been making good use of it. I don’t think I’ve ever drank so much bubbly water before in my life.
2. I made sloppy jos for dinner one night. Kh’s first time having them!
3 and 4. We went out to lunch with Kh’s parents on Fathers Day, where I rekindled my love of beer.
5. Impromptu date night! Salad and a cheap glass of wine.
6 and 7. I had a girls day of shopping and gossiping with my bff Nikki. We ended the day with drinks and greasy food. Talk about heartburn, but oh so good!
8. We had a golden little visitor for a weekend. She’s about 4x the size of our girls and just too cute.
9. I can never perfect the mirror shot. My phone doesn’t like adjusting to all the black I wear.


In summation:

I’ve been drinking a lot. I’m not exactly at lush level, but fastly approaching. There’s just something fantastic about having a cold beer (or mixed drink) when it’s been so hot out. That’s one of the great things about Summertime, yes?



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  1. Alisa

    The dog is adorable!

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