Owl always find you

One of my particularly favorite activities after a long day is to sit staring blankly at the internet until life starts to make sense. Or until I decide it’s time to go to bed at 8:30pm. Either way, the point of the story is I love to space out and window shop online.

There’s always a few “go-to” items to browse for. Tank tops, dresses, shoes, and of course owl goodies. If you go back far enough you can find posts such as this one where I confess my undying love for owls, the proof being in my ever growing owl collection.

Some of my favorite finds from last night would have to be… *drum roll please*

This plush woodblock printed owl pillow. I’d like one in red and one in gray, please.

Jus’ sayin this owl lamp would look damn cute in my apartment.

A turquoise owl shaped shower caddy? I’m all over it.

I am simply in love with this burnt orange vintage owl cookie jar. I don’t make cookies, but I’ll start!

Macrame owl bag. ‘Nuff said.

I have an overwhelming urge to get the macrame bag and turn it into a potted plant hanger. Although I could just buy a macrame kit on ebay and call it a day.



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