Instalife: first edition of June

1. The girls have recently discovered they loveee blueberries. and I love watching their little mouths eat them.
2. I got new mascara and the jury is still out on whether or not I like it..
3. A client of mine made homemade jelly and gave me some to try out. (Heaven!)
4. Kh celebrated a birthday this past weekend, so we went out to celebrate. I usually look more like I’m attending a funeral than a date night.
5. I had my fair share of dark and stormys that evening. Our favorite bar too.
6. One night of drinking and I need a week to recovery, greasey burger food was necessary the next day.
7. We’ve been going back to pilates every Saturday morning. I’m killing it! (Or rather, getting my butt handed to me.)
8. I recently put a bird feeder out on my back porch. I almost feel like it was a mistake with how many birds we’ve been getting. They swarm it! In one day they ate everything in the feeder, and even the seeds that fell on the porch. I won’t be filling it up again for a while..

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It’s only the beginning of June and I already feel as if the month should be half way over with. Beach dates, cook outs, surprise birthday parties, Summer recipes, and wine dates are all in my future. I’m also hoping it’ll start being warm enough to go swimming at our friends in-ground pool. Give me a beer and a floaty and I am set for life.



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