Manicure Monday: just a few of my favs

Meet my most recent obsession. Neon pink nail polish. Fingers and toes were coated in this lovely color the second I got it home from Target. The second I saw it, I just had to have it. The best part? It was under $2. Yes, Please!

I’m terrible at painting my own nails and usually make a complete mess, not to mention I really need an actual manicure one of these days. While I’m obsessed with neon lately, I love the idea of a black polish manicure with neon tips. Can’t you imagine it? Perfection.

Since I haven’t exactly seen my vision of perfection yet, I did find these nail art inspirations that I was rather smitten with.

dark brown polish with white mod swirls :: source ::

scalloped edges with hearts? yes. :: source ::

heart tips! be still my beating heart. :: source ::

How perfect are these skeleton nails! :: source ::

And let me just leave you with these chevron art deco nails. The color combination is just perfect. How many times can I say perfect in one post? Perfect, perfecttt!

See? Perfect! :: source ::

Hope everyone’s having a perfect Monday!

Ok, now I’m overdoing it with the perfects.



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One response to “Manicure Monday: just a few of my favs

  1. alisa

    Love the skeleton nails.

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