My great outdoor wishlist (minus the mosquitoes)

I’ve lived in my current apartment for over 2 years now, and at least twice a week I think to myself “Hmm you should really do something with that back porch”.. and if not that then “Hmmm you should really start working on the front porch.” So, it’s true. I have the great fortune of having both an outdoor porch at the back of my apartment and an enclosed porch at the front. To find such a thing in an apartment is pretty rare (treasured even!) so I plan on holding tight, and getting off my butt to decorate.

The first step? Inspiration! After going to our friend Kate’s birthday party (from sippets and sharpies), I felt tons of inspiration to decorate our back porch. Kh and I made a special trip to Home Depot on a complete whim to buy plants, potting soil and a few pots.

I painted the pots myself (tutorial to come soon) and we started the process of getting a great outdoor space. I’ve found a few inspirational outdoor spaces recently through Apartment Therapy and had to share.

How amazing is this garden shed? If only..

I love this balcony space. Work with what you got is right!

These chairs are just too cute in this year-round patio.

Ekk! How cute is this chair as a plant holder?

I love the bench and matching chair in this.

I’m hoping the recent non-stop rain will stop so I can actually put some of my ideas to work. Rug, chairs, plants, oh my! I’m going to need a heavy dose of mosquito killer on the back porch so I can stop getting eaten alive whenever I’m out there past sundown as well.

Great outdoors, here I come! Eventually..




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2 responses to “My great outdoor wishlist (minus the mosquitoes)

  1. Alisa

    The pots are lovely!

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