Photo an hour: June 5th

Oh, blogland. I’m having the hardest time getting back into the swing of posting. But never you fear, I’ll get there! It’s just like starting up anything after a long hiatus, right?… Or maybe I can just credit it to the recent doom and gloom weather that’s not helping my spirits feel very motivated.

Today I decided to try and document my day in a photo an hour. It was actually much more difficult than you’d think. I’m so conscious of time all day that I almost panicked every time I saw it getting closer to the next hour. Leave it to me to get anxious over a simple photo documentation project I put on myself. “I have 10 minutes before it’s 2pm, what am I going to photograph! Quick, FREEZE!”

I’ve seen a lot of other photo an hour posts (it’s certainly one of my favorite posts to come across!) but I have to say I’m not always a fan of the “staged” photos. Sure, it’s important to take a great photo to display recent creations, outfits or products, but day to day life? It’s meant to be a little spontaneous and even messy. Blurry even. Isn’t that part of the fun when it comes to living? Moments?

I don’t work from home, and I’m constantly on the go, so here’s my candid day for your enjoyment.

8am : Our overnight guest waits patiently for me to take him outside to pee. You can’t see the other two dogs pacing around me impatiently.

9am :  coffeee!! My first cup of the day and a homemade bran muffin Kh made.

10am : Getting ready for the day ahead of me. It’s cold enough to wear my knitted hat in June.

11am : I always start my day with this little dire wolf. (I watch too much Game of Thrones)

12pm : It’s noon and I’m having second breakfast. Gluten free bread, fried egg sandwich. Delicious! Even spunky man thinks so.

1pm : One is inclined to believe he only has 2 legs, but I assure you he just generally hates going outside.

2pm : Ms. Couch Potato knows the drill, treat time! (I need to repaint my nails..)

3pm :  Big man can’t help but get excited. He slobbered me when I wasn’t paying attention.

4pm : Finally home.. and organizing all my keys.

5pm : Tea time!

I stopped at 5pm due to a massive headache that hit me like a ton of bricks. I ended up cuddling on the couch with not one, but two pups around me. The second I stop moving I’m usually covered in dogs.

If there’s a few things I learned from looking over today’s photos it would have to be:

: I need to eat more often during the day. Small snacks included.
: My nail polish needs a refreshing! I think I’m going with a sparkly black color.
: I spend too much time in my car.
: I love being a dog walker.
: I need a 3 day weekend, and some sunshine. Pronto!

My headache is still raging, and I need to go raid my fridge before popping a few more advil.




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2 responses to “Photo an hour: June 5th

  1. Alisa

    Cute, cute and more cute!

  2. That’s a creative answer to a dfificlut question

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