Make it Monday: Cork board cupboard, an easy bulletin board

After my little break recently, I’ve decided to change up my posting schedule. Mondays seem like a good day for a crafty inspired project, don’t they?

I usually have at least a million obsessions going at once, cork boards being one of them. I have a large cork board hanging over my desk in my studio space, and I even recently did a framed cork board DIY. It’s no surprise then that after seeing this on pinterest, I was in love. This would be a great project to do if you have limited space in your kitchen. Sadly, like me.

Before I made this, if you happened to open my cupboard closest to my stove, you’d find a handful of post it notes taped to the inside of it. Recipes scratched quickly out on them in desperate need of a home. Some day I’ll put together that recipe holder.. but for now..


  • Cork board (I used cork board contact paper I bought at Target)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape (or an adhesive to use if you don’t use the contact paper)


1. Measure the inside of your cupboard, or at least get the desired width and height you’d like the cork board to be.

2. Take those measurements and cut out your cork board according to them. Using the contact paper, there are pre-drawn measurements on the back of it which made cutting it out much easier.

3. Since I used the contact paper, there was already an adhesive on the back of it, so I simply peeled off the back and stuck it onto the inside of the cupboard. If you’re using cork board that does not come with an adhesive back, I suggest using a strong double sided tape and putting a line of it along each edge of the cork board. This way it’ll still be easy enough to pull off should you need to.

4. Start posting things on it!

Notes: The contact paper while it was super easy to stick on the cupboard, it is rather thin and the tacks don’t go all the way into it. They do go in far enough to not fall out, however.



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