Liebster blog award

Marie, Oh Marie was just recently awarded the Liebster Blog award by the ever so lovely Janine of Salvage Love! The Liebster Blog award is awarded to blogs with less than 200 followers by fellow bloggers who enjoy what you write and are general fans of yours. I’m so behind this! Even if I am going to cheat a little..

Here are the details.

When you win the award, there are a few rules to follow:
1.) Give thanks and acknowledgment to your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog -> Thank you for the constant support, and for being so awesome Salvage Love!
2.) Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.  (ahem,  Salvage Love)
3.) Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
4.) Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserves it.

Now, since being presented with this award, the hardest part has been coming up with the 5 blogs I wanted to award. I’m unsure how many followers each blog has, so apologies if you have over 200 (which you all should have!). In no particular order, and a total mixed bag of blog goodness, here are my top 5 picks! Some I even just recently discovered.

1. sippets and sharpies  – This lovely blog is run by a baker and a maker wife duo that post all sorts of goodies; from recipes to DIY projects. So much creativity oozes between the two of them, I can’t help but anxiously await new recipes and money saving tips from the baker (Jess) and anything from re-purposing ideas/tips to really cute DIY projects from the maker (Kate).

2. Happy Daisy – I just recently started following Amy and her blog that’s chopped full of creative posts. She has everything from DIY projects, insight to her day to day life with her week in photo posts, and my personal favorite would have to be her sketches. I feel inspired every time I read her posts.

3. Gypsy in Jasper – Nicole is the writer behind this gem of a blog. Her posts are witty and articulate, with just the perfect amount of humor thrown in there. The backdrop in most of her photos happens to be an awe inspiring wilderness that makes me want to pack my bags and run off to Canada.

4. The Nearsighted Owl – Ok, ok I know this blog doesn’t exactly fall within rule #4, but it’s one of my favorite reads. Rachele is the genius behind it and she never ceases to amaze. Glimpses into her day to day life, and her creative endeavors do nothing but inspire. It helps she has a surplus of owl goodies to look at and feed my obsession! 🙂

5. Twinkie Chan – Again, I’m cheating! I really can’t help myself. I’ve been following Ms. Twinkies exploits for years now and even have the pleasure of owning one of her magnificent scarfs. This little lady is witty, and seriously must have creative fluids oozing out of her ears. Check out her blog I Eat Yucky Stuff for even more hilarity.

Ok, I only cheated twice, which isn’t TOO bad. I sincerely love all the blogs I read, and should really get off my butt to compose a blogroll for others to have easier access to my daily reads.

Hooray everybody!



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  1. 1) THANK YOU!!!! I’ll post soon so I don’t break the rules of WINNING!
    2) Welcome back to blogland…you’re doing a great job posting so frequently. Missed you…

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