Doily inspired DIY roundup

I have a couple of things to admit. First, I love a doily! Second, I can’t ever have doilies out on a table or a bookcase because white doesn’t stay white around me for very long. Sure there’s other colored doilies but they just aren’t the same. We have a couple of white pillows on the couch and I’m shocked they aren’t completely ruined by now.

So what’s a great way for me to love doilies from afar and not worry about them collecting dust on my shelves? Turn them into some of these nifty projects. We had a very dreary rain filled weekend, giving me a lot of time to ponder new furniture arrangements and various craft projects I’ve found online.

Check’em out!

:: doily lace bowl via Heart Handmade UK ::

:: doily print picture frame mat via a bit of sunshine ::

:: doily dream catchers via elisa mclaughlin designs ::

:: skull cushion doily via born again creations ::

These were just a few of my favorite finds. There are SO many more out there. I’m really tempted to make the doily bowl sometime this week. Maybe even use it for a tea light holder. My luck I’d set it on fire..



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One response to “Doily inspired DIY roundup

  1. Alisa

    I dyed doilies black this weekend! They came out slate blue.

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