I’ll get to it, but right now..

In my blogging schedule I’ve made it a habit to always try to post a DIY on Saturday’s. Most Saturday mornings I find myself sipping coffee while watching Kh play video games, and it just always works out for typing lengthy DIY projects. But, not today.

In preparation for next week, which I’m planning on posting a DIY a day(!), I’ve decided to take a breather and not do a DIY today. There’s only so many projects I have floating around my head, and today I’m going to be working on a super secret mothers day/birthday project for a couple of women in my life. Shh don’t tell them!

But look! I found cute things online to show you until then.

ekkk! cute dog with sprinklers

I’d like 4 of these, please.

love these matching tattoos.

how amazing are these embroidered portraits?

I’m having some serious bathtub envy. Biggest downfall to my apartment.

Now, to get this computer and puppy off my lap and get motivated. I have a little work to do later today, possibly a party to attend to, and a lot of crafting (and sleeping!) to catch up on.




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