Thirsty Thursday, sip’em up

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’ve dedicated this week to gathering Mother’s Day ideas from gifts under $50, DIY projects and a roundup of cards. So, it’s only natural that my next stop would be beverages you could conjure up for that mother in your life. Yes? Ok, maybe that’s just how my mind works. Straight to the cocktail!

homemade pineapple infused rum :: source ::

sake mojito :: source ::

gin and rhubarb cocktail :: source ::

sweet southern cocktail :: source ::

What do all of these have in common? They all sound very refreshing. I love the idea of a cocktail made with iced tea, after my new found love of iced tea.. I’m slow on the uptake at times. Recently I haven’t been able to enjoy an adult beverage due to some meds I’m on, so I may just be lusting after anything with a refreshing sound to it. I miss drinking out of straws! I also came across these two recipes for non-alcoholic beverages.

orange juice with lemon :: source ::

homemade lemonade recipe :: source ::

While I’m not the biggest fan of Tequila, the sweet southern cocktail sounds perfect for sipping out on my porch. Soon enough I’ll be able to drink out of a straw and have a refreshing cocktail of my own.




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2 responses to “Thirsty Thursday, sip’em up

  1. The pineapple infused rum just became necessary to my life

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