Crafting for mothers day, a double roundup

It’s Wednesday! To continue with the theme of the week I put together a collage of some crafty DIY projects that may inspire you to give the gift of handmade for Mothers Day (it’s sneaking up on us!).

Before the collage begins, be sure to look back at these other posts for some more ideas.

Gifts under $50
Mothers Day cards

:: Mothers Day Roundup ::
1. glass etching via Make It and Love It
2. block print poppies via Martha Stewart
3. flower pillow via burlap and blue
4. fingerprint jewelry via Sarah Ortega
5. bathroom labeled jars via The Idea Room
6. painted ceramic dishes via Under the Sycamore

These were just a few of my favorite finds. #4 I’ve used in previous roundups, and I think it’s a great alternative to the fingerprint jewelry in my under $50 list. #5 I could see being used for a 100 different things. Spices, supplies, you name it. I love the recycling of the Starbucks glasses.

Sometimes I’m not the best at recreating projects just by photographs. I get easily confused between steps and even have had my moments of fudging it. Just put a big piece of felt here, or hide and glue the back of it.. good as new! I came across this video tutorial on how to transfer photos onto wooden blocks. Another GREAT idea! And the video is cute to boot.


Not only did I find some great DIY’s around the internet, I also have some older DIY’s that I’ve made that could be perfect for gift giving.

:: Marie, Oh Marie crafty roundup ::

1. Silhouette wall art
2. Framed cork board
3. Fabric covered terracotta pots
4. Pin cushion mason jars

The silhouette wall art could even be turned into a silhouette framed piece of artwork, or even done on a wooden block and hung up. I love a craft that has a million different possibilities.


I love looking back at some of the older DIY’s I started with and seeing how much my photography (and ideas) have improved. I just started this blog back in November, so it hasn’t even been a full year yet. You live, and you learn. Which is why it’s great to have a documentation of the learning process.

Yayyy craft times!




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2 responses to “Crafting for mothers day, a double roundup

  1. thanks for the link to the photo –> wood transfer tutorial! i’ve been wanting to do this forever & this is the perfect refresher.

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