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Gone fishin..

Well, maybe not fishing, but I have been taking a much needed mental break from blog land. I’m using this time to really focus in on June and put together some great things. So stay tuned! I’ve got some DIY’s a’brewin, more daily life happenings, and tons of photos planned.

Never fear, I’ll be back!



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I’ll get to it, but right now..

In my blogging schedule I’ve made it a habit to always try to post a DIY on Saturday’s. Most Saturday mornings I find myself sipping coffee while watching Kh play video games, and it just always works out for typing lengthy DIY projects. But, not today.

In preparation for next week, which I’m planning on posting a DIY a day(!), I’ve decided to take a breather and not do a DIY today. There’s only so many projects I have floating around my head, and today I’m going to be working on a super secret mothers day/birthday project for a couple of women in my life. Shh don’t tell them!

But look! I found cute things online to show you until then.

ekkk! cute dog with sprinklers

I’d like 4 of these, please.

love these matching tattoos.

how amazing are these embroidered portraits?

I’m having some serious bathtub envy. Biggest downfall to my apartment.

Now, to get this computer and puppy off my lap and get motivated. I have a little work to do later today, possibly a party to attend to, and a lot of crafting (and sleeping!) to catch up on.



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Foodie Friday recipe roundup for moms

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m handy in the kitchen, but there are a few meals I know how to make. I’d even go so far as to say I make them pretty well, even if Kh would say differently.

The hardest part for me is finding a good recipe, and the inspiration to follow through with making said recipe. I always forget to take a grocery list with me to the store, or if I do bring it, I don’t even glance at it and end up coming home with 3 cans of spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese, and frozen burritos. I grocery shop as if I were a college freshman. Kh is breaking me of this habit.. slowly..

I’ve been finding some amazing recipes out there recently, now if only I could find the time to get all the ingredients and get to cooking. Here are just a few I’ve found that would be great little treats, or full meals to make for the mother in your life next weekend. I know my mom wouldn’t complain if I showed up and cooked one of these for her.

bacon egg and toast cups :: source ::

mini frittatas :: source ::

fast raspberry scones :: source ::

And for a healthy, more complete meal, what about this? It sounds amazing!

stacked roasted vegetable enchiladas :: source ::

I found a dozen more recipes I can’t wait to try out. I’m even thinking about giving the scones a go, but using strawberries instead of raspberries. The veggie enchiladas also have me wanting veggie lasagna.. Ok, now I’m just plain ol’ hungry all around. Feed me! Or rather, use this inspiration to feed your mother.



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Thirsty Thursday, sip’em up

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’ve dedicated this week to gathering Mother’s Day ideas from gifts under $50, DIY projects and a roundup of cards. So, it’s only natural that my next stop would be beverages you could conjure up for that mother in your life. Yes? Ok, maybe that’s just how my mind works. Straight to the cocktail!

homemade pineapple infused rum :: source ::

sake mojito :: source ::

gin and rhubarb cocktail :: source ::

sweet southern cocktail :: source ::

What do all of these have in common? They all sound very refreshing. I love the idea of a cocktail made with iced tea, after my new found love of iced tea.. I’m slow on the uptake at times. Recently I haven’t been able to enjoy an adult beverage due to some meds I’m on, so I may just be lusting after anything with a refreshing sound to it. I miss drinking out of straws! I also came across these two recipes for non-alcoholic beverages.

orange juice with lemon :: source ::

homemade lemonade recipe :: source ::

While I’m not the biggest fan of Tequila, the sweet southern cocktail sounds perfect for sipping out on my porch. Soon enough I’ll be able to drink out of a straw and have a refreshing cocktail of my own.



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Crafting for mothers day, a double roundup

It’s Wednesday! To continue with the theme of the week I put together a collage of some crafty DIY projects that may inspire you to give the gift of handmade for Mothers Day (it’s sneaking up on us!).

Before the collage begins, be sure to look back at these other posts for some more ideas.

Gifts under $50
Mothers Day cards

:: Mothers Day Roundup ::
1. glass etching via Make It and Love It
2. block print poppies via Martha Stewart
3. flower pillow via burlap and blue
4. fingerprint jewelry via Sarah Ortega
5. bathroom labeled jars via The Idea Room
6. painted ceramic dishes via Under the Sycamore

These were just a few of my favorite finds. #4 I’ve used in previous roundups, and I think it’s a great alternative to the fingerprint jewelry in my under $50 list. #5 I could see being used for a 100 different things. Spices, supplies, you name it. I love the recycling of the Starbucks glasses.

Sometimes I’m not the best at recreating projects just by photographs. I get easily confused between steps and even have had my moments of fudging it. Just put a big piece of felt here, or hide and glue the back of it.. good as new! I came across this video tutorial on how to transfer photos onto wooden blocks. Another GREAT idea! And the video is cute to boot.


Not only did I find some great DIY’s around the internet, I also have some older DIY’s that I’ve made that could be perfect for gift giving.

:: Marie, Oh Marie crafty roundup ::

1. Silhouette wall art
2. Framed cork board
3. Fabric covered terracotta pots
4. Pin cushion mason jars

The silhouette wall art could even be turned into a silhouette framed piece of artwork, or even done on a wooden block and hung up. I love a craft that has a million different possibilities.


I love looking back at some of the older DIY’s I started with and seeing how much my photography (and ideas) have improved. I just started this blog back in November, so it hasn’t even been a full year yet. You live, and you learn. Which is why it’s great to have a documentation of the learning process.

Yayyy craft times!



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Say it with a Hallmark, or maybe just one of these cute cards

Yesterday I put together a roundup of just a few of my favorite Mothers Day gift finds for under $50, and today I bring you some really quite adorable Mothers Day cards I’ve found.

A couple of them really had me giggling, and would be perfect for the slightly twisted humor that exists in my family.

thanks for squeezing me out :: source ::

(eye) heart you :: source ::

my life would suck without you :: source ::

one badass mother :: source ::

axe lady :: source :: (I just love the letterpress look)

If you’d like a more eco friendly way to send your Mother a note, you should head over to someecards. They have some of my favorite online cards. Sarcastic and witty, whats not to love?


Feeling inspired yet? I certainly am. Keep stopping by this week, I’ll be putting up a DIY roundup and maybe even a few of my own DIY’s next week.



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