Sunday springsational DIY roundup

Here I go, hiding away again. After last Mondays incident, I haven’t been feeling up to doing much, other than resting and avoiding doing the dishes. I’ve gotten pretty good at that last part.

Usually this time of year I’m trying to hide indoors anyways. The pollen swirling around in the air always finds a way to ruin my life. This year it hasn’t been nearly as bad as previous years. I’ve even taken to enjoying the flowers! It makes my job that much easier when I don’t have to worry about allergies.

Ok, so onto better things! I’ve been seeing a lot of Spring inspired DIY’s lately. Paper flowers, birds, you name it. Here are just a few of my favorites involving string/felt. I’m feeling rather inspired and may even get out my felt and thread later today.

twine flowers :: source ::

felt dahlia brooch :: source ::

felt flowers :: source ::

felt pom poms :: source ::

I came across these painted Tom’s, how cute are they? Not to mention super Springy!

:: source ::




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