Taking it easy Tuesday style

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I’ve been taking a bit of a break from the blog these past few days. Involuntarily, of course.

It’s not all jelly beans and lemonade when it comes to life. Sometimes you get hit smack in the face with a whole lemon, and that smarts. Especially if you don’t see it coming. It’s those times you have to take a deep breathe and remember it can’t last forever, there’s always a valley before a hill (quoting a fortune cookie I saw recently, I can’t take all the credit).

This past weekend we had a couple of friends over. It was our first real time entertaining since we moved in. We made homemade pizza (recipe here), and had a few drinks on our back porch. It was a great night, until the incident happened. While biting into a piece of pizza, one of my back molars broke in half. Ok, that sucked. What sucked even more was the following 2 days. I can’t remember ever being in so much pain. I barely got any sleep, and walked around like a zombie.

With it being the weekend I couldn’t get to the dentist until Monday. Monday came, and I finally was able to get the tooth pulled. I’ve had a phobia of the dentist for years, but with the amount of pain I was in, I didn’t mind the 10 shots of novocaine or the surgical extraction. I got to sleep last night! And today I look like a chipmunk.

A chipmunk wearing pajamas and watching as many crime thrillers from the 90’s as possible. I did have a couple of client consultations, I’m sure they thought I was pretty terrifying, and mildly humorous looking.

Sitting around like a chipmunk isn’t all that bad. I’m looking on the brighter side of things, no pain! It’s given me a lot of down time to …

snuggle with the pups
catch up on laundry
watch every movie ever put on netflix
get all my reading done on bloglovin
surf every last inch of etsy
eat as much mashed potatoes, pudding, and mushy food as I want (mmm mashed potatoes!)
wear my pajamas, constantly
get caught up on blog posts
contemplate doing the dishes but ultimately decide against it
brainstorm new blog ideas, start working on a new header, and even start up a few more simple DIY’s

Once I’m all healed up I have every intention of ordering pizza.. or maybe chinese food. Either way, give me!

Do you have any scary dentist stories? I know everyone’s got them! For now this gal’s going to go back to her mashed potatoes, and her cheesy crime movies. Until next time!



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