DIY Saturday: framed cork board

I have a serious surplus of frames in my house. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve started to hide them in drawers so I don’t have to look at them. Upon opening up the bottom drawer in my hutch to stash a few more, I realized I really should find a few craft projects to make use of these frames.

Ta-dah! Which brings us to today’s DIY project. I’m loving the simple projects lately.


  • Cork board (you can buy small squares at any craft store, or even cork board contact paper at Target)
  • Frame
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks


1. Remove the back of the frame and carefully take out the glass. Using the glass as a template, put it down on the cork board and trace the shape. This will make sure your cork board fits inside the frame. You could even make it just a tad bit smaller.

2. If the glass isn’t easy to remove, you can take the back of the frame and face it with the back upwards and trace this onto the cork board. Some frames even come with a small piece of cardboard between the back and the glass, trace this! Trace any number of things that will give you the right size cork board.

3. Cut out the cork board. Put it inside the frame to make sure it fits. If it doesn’t trim as needed.

4. Once you have the right size cork board, put glue around the edges of the cork board where it’ll be hidden by the frames edges and glue it down.

5. Put another bit of glue onto the back of the cork board and glue it to the back of the frame for extra durability.

6. Let sit until dry. You may need to clean up some super glue cobwebs, but otherwise you’ve got yourself a framed cork board!

There’s no real limit to the size of frame you can use in this project. As long as you can find a piece of cork board big enough to fit inside the frame. You also need to watch out for the frame back not fitting on once the cork board is in place. I had to really struggle with mine to make sure it was secured. Gluing it down helps with this too.

I may make a couple more of these, to you know, free up my drawers from all the hidden frames I have.




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