Thirsty Thursday: iced tea

Earlier this week we had some serious scorchers weather wise, and I just about melted into a giant puddle of goo. It was rough. I know for certain it’s only going to get worse as we actually move into Summer months, and not just excruciatingly hot Spring days.

98% of my work is done outside, making it particularity hard to avoid the heat. In a panic to cool off earlier this week, I bought my first ever iced tea (that wasn’t in bottle form). The lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted it sweetened, did I? Or if I wanted lemon in it, lemon?! I said no to both accounts purely out of ignorance.

I hesitantly put the straw into the cup, took my first sip.. and fell in love! Iced tea, where have you been all my life?

This has made me look high and low for different iced tea recipes. I’m going to have to try one, or all of these.

:: peach tea ::

:: limoncello with tea ::

:: lemon iced tea ::

:: blue green iced tea ::

Bring on the heat wave. I’ll be ready with my mason jar filled with iced tea.




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