Week links, goodies for a Tuesday

I often find myself typing out the day of the week on here, just to keep myself in check. I completely forgot yesterday was Monday by the end of the day. I think the heat boiled my brains, I was a bit out of it. I was also having a super busy-crazy-non-stop kind of day.

After a day like that, I just wanted to eat cereal and surf the internet. The cereal part didn’t so much come true, I’ve been on a strict “eat healthy” regime since Sunday (I’m doing quite well!) and made stir fry instead. Lots of veggies! The internet part.. on the other hand.. came true. I surfed and surfed, and surfed some more. I even fell off my surfboard a few times, but got right back on it.

What did I find in my surfings? Let me share them with you. These are just a few of my favorite things I’ve found recently.

Give me this “Got a Date Retro Lace Dress” already!

This crab rangoon grilled cheese recipe both intrigues and makes me a little cautious. (Who am I kidding give me it!)

Tiny hand embroidered felt owl necklace.

Love this wool poncho catch all DIY.
Magazines, sketchbooks.. things I want to get off my coffee table but refuse to put them away..

Do you have any recent finds while surfing the internet that you just can’t help but love?



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One response to “Week links, goodies for a Tuesday

  1. Noreen

    I love that dress…it’s the perfect off-white dress!

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