Photobomb Monday

I’m sad to say the weekend has ended, and on to another week we go. I had a particularly good weekend that turned into a 3 day weekend with Kh. I value our weekend time together like no other, and love having lots of down time to just enjoy one anothers company..

..and by company I mean put up curtain rods, organize our studio, and generally be a nag about putting the apartment together.

Sorry Kh!

We went to the fabric store and I found these goodies. The same fabric store I mentioned in this post.

We went to a cafe in Salem that has a great beer selection, and my fav – a cheese plate!

Kh always gets the ridiculous glass.

We walked around town on our day trip, and went to a consignment shop I always loved going to when I lived in Salem.

I even got to wander on the beach and collect sea glass! My favorite thing to do.

By the end of our adventures, I had gotten too much sun which generally leaves me feeling pretty “icky”. Thanks a lot pale skin!

I spent a good portion of Sunday reading. I finished 2 books this weekend, and had to give my eyes a short break before starting a 3rd. I just can’t put a book down once I pick it up lately. I even got to finish my mom’s mother day surprise (if you’re reading this, I’m not telling you what it is!).

A lazy Sunday was just what we needed, especially since this week is going to be crazy for me. Client meetings, volunteer hours, interviews, and DIY projects to get caught up on. I bought some rope, and eyehooks at Home Depot today.. Lets see what I can make!

Onward with this week!



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