DIY Saturday: wooden coat hanger turned jewelry display

One of the best parts about having someone move in with you would have to be the necessary upheaval and reorganizing of all your possessions. And by all your possessions, I mean the monster of a jewelry collection I’ve some how managed to hoard for years.

I finally sat down one afternoon and organized the entirety of it. I threw away more broken necklace chains and tarnished rings than I care to admit to myself (somewhere around 20…shhh) and began the very daunting task of organizing it all. I originally was just going to hammer a few nails in the wall above a cabinet I keep craft supplies in and call it a done deal, but the craft gods would have struck me dead if I actually went through with this plan.

I’ve seen this particular DIY bouncing around the internet for a while now, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finally give it a go.


  • A wooden coat hanger
  • Eyehooks
  • Drill
  • Pliers


1. The coat hanger I found had a wooden dowel attached with a metal rod at the bottom, which is where the pliers came in handy. I used them to pry out the metal, which worked perfectly as I used the two holes as the starting point for the eyehooks.

2. Measure out how far apart you want the eyehooks and with a pen mark each spot.

3. Using your drill make a starter hole for each of the eyehooks. The wood was too hard for me to screw them in without doing this first.

4. Screw in each eyehook.

5. Hang jewelry on it and enjoy!

I really liked the idea of painting the wood before screwing in the eyehooks as well, but I grew impatient. Waiting for paint to dry.. just seemed so laborious. Of course you’d have to sand down the wooden hanger before painting it to ensure the paint will stay.

It became a balancing act to make sure one side of the coat hanger wasn’t too weighted down. In the end I managed to get some of my favorite necklaces to hang well balanced on it.

I think next time I’ll try making an earring holder out of an old grater.



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