April happenings in instagram

:: Our apartment is coming together one piece at a time. We’ve almost finished hanging all the wall art, and shelves. Putting together the studio is next our my list.
:: I’m obsessed with this mochi ice cream from Trader Joes.
:: I’ve spent 3+ hours sitting at the mechanics this month alone. Our poor car.
:: Kh got me the most perfect black fringe purse as a late birthday gift. I’m in love!
:: I’m thinking about growing my hair out. #shorthairproblems have gotten the best of me.
:: Spring is here!
:: I made my first batch of carrot cake cupcakes from scratch this past weekend. In wedges of course! Expect the recipe this coming Friday.


Friday I have another shift at the museum, and that’s after a day of orientation at the school I start in the fall. I’m both excited and nervous. It’s scary to start a new chapter in your life, and even scarier to go after your goals. I’m hoping after Friday I’ll have a new outlook on the future. I’ll be at a point to say “bring it on!” instead of “put it off!”.

I’ll be dying my hair and watching cheesy horror movies tonight. Perfect night!



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