Felt chicks, a DIY for Easter

Tomorrow’s Easter! Last year I made a small bean bag bunny, complete with a carrot for Kh’s Easter basket. I was scrambling for a different idea this year, when I came up with these little guys.

If you’re still scrambling for some last minute Easter DIY’s like I was, I highly recommend trying out this one. I made 3 of these felt chicks in less than an hour. Easy, and fast.


  • Felt – I used a sheet of yellow, orange, black and white. You could get creative and make all sorts of colored chicks
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread (or a sewing machine)
  • Felt glue
  • Stuffing (or even beans to put in them)


1. First you’re going to want to draw out a stencil for the shapes you’ll need. Or you could use the above one I put together. You’ll need a shape for the body, eyes, pupiles, beak, wings and feet. I only drew out one of the eyes, wings, beak and feet since you can just retrace each out. It cuts down on how many stencils you have.

2. Cut out the shapes and trace them onto the color felt of your choosing. Not picture is the small yellow tuft at the top of the chicks head. You can choose to include this or not. I free handed each of them and just cut them out of the felt directly without using a stencil.

3. Lay the two body pieces together, and between them have the bottom of the head tuft facing upwards to be sewn into the body. Ultimately you’ll be turning the body piece inside out, making the head tuft stand up atop the chicks head.

4. Sew the body pieces together. You can either leave the hole big enough to fit stuffing inside of it, or you could even make it wide enough to hide eggs in it or candy. Completely up to you!

5. Turn the body piece inside out. Stuff it with stuffing, or leave it open. If you decided to stuff it with the stuffing, sew the bottom hole shut.

6. Taking the other pieces of the chick, glue on the eyes followed by the pupils. Then the beak, and the wings. I find doing it in this order allows you to place the other body parts in the right spots. Lastly put on the feet and set it aside to dry.

Now you’ve got yourself a little Easter chick. How easy was that? I’m a big fan of mass producing things, so making 3 at a time was a cinch for me. It also took very little time to do.

Hope you enjoyed today’s DIY!



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