It’s not all hard boiled eggs and marshmallows

It’s foodie Friday, and there’s 2 more days until Easter is here! I’m still working on what goodies I’m going to cook over the weekend, with the help from some internet research. I need some ideas for what to do with all the eggs we’re going to be dying. Last year we had egg salad sandwiches for a week. And while, delicious, it gets old fast.

I’m a sucker for shaping food into little animals, even though my animals wouldn’t come out nearly as cute as some of the ones I’ve found in my search.

Here’s a few of my favorite recipes and foodie ideas I’ve found.

:: eggshell brownies – recipe ::

:: peanut butter fudge filled bunnies ::

:: chocolate bird nest on a spoon ::

:: crescent roll carrots ::

I really love the eggshell brownies, but I can just imagine the mess I’d make with them. Eggshells everywhere, brownie batter all over.. It’d be a real sight that’s for sure! And probably not so much an edible one.



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