gather here: the gift of fabric

Just over a week ago now was my birthday. The big 2-6! I’m not exactly the type of person to make a big deal about my birthday. Even when I was younger I hated when everyone would sing to me, and I’d even hide under the table so I wouldn’t be the center of attention.

The same rings true today. I’m not big on being the center of all things happening, but I certainly like getting a few gifts here and there. This year Kh surprised me with a gift card to a local store called Gather Here. They have just about everything! Fibers, yarns, fabric, and even classes on just how to use all of the mentioned things. Ever since I got my sewing machine for Christmas, I’ve been itching to learn just how to use it and get to making projects of my own.

My first real project? Making a sink skirt for our bathroom sink, and curtains for our living room. Easy, peasey! Just what I need.

For now I’m just drooling over all the fabrics they have. Here are a few of my favorites!

Aren’t they just fantastic? If you like any of these or want to see what else they have to offer, head over to their etsy shop gather here or there website gather here online. I can’t wait to browse their actual store. Let’s just hope Kh has patience that day, or maybe just a beer before hand.



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