A thrifty find makeover

Every Saturday here at Marie, Oh Marie I’ve made it a point to post a DIY. Ranging in all sorts of projects from clay to re purposing found items. The latter of the two being my personal favorite projects to work on. I love walking through a thrift store finding random objects that can be turned into treasures.

My most recent excursion into the land of thrifting brought about these two odd wooden candle holders. Upon first glance I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with them, but for 0.99¢ I couldn’t refuse.

After looking through some of the things I had in my stash of oddities, I came up with this.

First I unscrewed the candle holders and sanded down the entire front of the wood. Taking a paper towel I wiped off the dust.

I had a small bottle of a sample paint called “French Dark Chocolate” that I then painted the front of them. It only took me one coat, the paint was incredibly thick, and I liked the way it looked.

Out of the stash of oddities we have in the apartment, I chose to use 2 dental molds out of the entire bag we have. Strange, absolutely. But the desired affect was achieved. Using e6000 adhesive I first glued the top and bottom of each mold together, then I glued them to where the candle holders once were.

Propped them up and waited patiently for them to dry.

Ta-dah! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they go quite well with our apartment. At least, the parts that are put together already. We love our oddities.

Dental molds may not be for everyone, but just think of all the objects out there just waiting to get a tiny makeover.



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