Silhouette wall art DIY

I made a post this past Monday all about the various home improvement projects we’ve been working on. If you missed it, you can view it here. And in said post, I posted a link to a great DIY project involving silhouette wall art. This is where I draw inspiration from for today’s post.


  • 2 canvases
  • Magazine clippings
  • Mod podge
  • Paintbrush
  • White acrylic paint or even gesso
  • Pencil


1. Cut out pieces of magazine clippings. I decided to stick to a black, white and gray color scheme. Even using a few pieces of text as well. I cut out squares, triangles, even full magazine pages to make sure I had enough of the same clippings to use on two canvases.

2. Take the various clippings you have and mod podge them down to each canvas. I paid close attention to the clippings I put on the sides I wanted the silhouettes to fall on.

3. While step 2 is drying, take a sheet of paper roughly the same size as your canvas and tape it to a wall. You may remember something similar to this step from your grade school days. Using a lamp, create one light source, place whomever you are making the silhouette of on a chair in front of the lamp, and after some tweaking you should be able to create a shadow on the piece of paper on the wall.

4. Trace the shadow.

5. Cut out the final tracing of the shadow and you have a nice silhouette. Tape the silhouette down to the dry canvas and trace it onto the magazine clippings.

6. Whichever side you prefer, it can be inside the silhouette or around it, begin painting over the magazine clippings. It took me several coats to get it just right. And I still even feel I need a couple more. I kind of like the clippings showing through.. Ok, so I’m undecided..

7. Let it dry, and you’re finished!



I love the one of Kh, you can see the outline of glasses! Once I have some more free time I fully intend to make 2 other smaller silhouettes of the two pups. Family portrait time! For the pups I’m going to take a photo of their silhouette and print it out, cut out the photo and trace it onto a canvas. Trying to get Kh to sit still during the tracing part was hard enough, let alone two hyperactive pups.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project.



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