Around the house, and a few DIY’s

With Kh’s move in (almost) flawlessly over with, I’ve turned my attention to decorating the apartment. We finished painting a couple of weeks ago, and have made minimal trips back to Home Depot ever since. I was essentially living in there paint department for the beginning half of March.

The best part? I was able to get a ton of paint samples for future DIY projects. Yay!

My favorite rooms so far would have to be the studio and bedroom. We aren’t even remotely close to done decorating, but the color palette is my favorite. We went with a teal in the studio and a silver/gray in the bedroom.

There’s a small entryway into our bedroom that we painted this fantastic orange color. I never thought I’d paint a wall orange, but I did. And I love it!

The bathroom got a “celery ice” makeover.

Towards the end of our painting extravaganza, this was my idea of helping.


Now, here’s my attention being turned to decorating projects. I’m drawing inspiration from many DIY’s I’m finding all over the internet. So far these are the ones I absolutely am trying, with a few modifications of course.

Silhouette Wall Art via Lowes

Painted Fan Blades via Design Sponge

Painted Rug via Hayley Anderson

Pain Chip Wall Art via A Beautiful Mess

These are just a few projects I’m drawing inspiration from. I can’t go too chevron crazy or Kh might kick me out, so I’m going to tone it down and throw in some polka dots and other great patterns. This coming week I’ll be posting DIY’s of any projects I’ve given a go, so be sure to stop back and see some final products.



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