The big two six

Guess what today is..

It’s official. Today I’m the big 2-6.

I can say with the utmost of certainty that I’m sad to see 25 go. It was a relatively easy year, and a lot of good came out of it.

  • I started my blog
  • Kh and I have made the “no turning back now, you get to do the dishes cause I hate them” decision to move in together
  • I got accepted into art school
  • I made a great decision career wise that’s really helping me to have flexibility with my schedule
  • I started volunteering at a museum

Word of this post? Started! I think “started” is a good word to sum up this past year.

Now, as far as 26 is concerned? I want to have a slight panic attack when I think of the changing of the numbers. Some years just simply hold a strange unsettling feeling to them. 26 is 4 years away from 30, and I’m not even ready to cross that bridge just yet.

Happy Birthday to meee! Give me cake.





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2 responses to “The big two six

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  2. Anonymous

    You old shiiieet.

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