10 more on top of the stack – brings us to 40 about marie

Here we are, back on track with the random facts about yours truly. Tomorrow is my birthday! I thought it pretty appropriate to bring out the random facts again.

If you’ve missed the beginning..

:: 10 to start ::
:: 20 more ::
:: 30 to add ::


31. I just bought my first pair of sneakers in at least 10 years. I don’t like it when shoes cover my feet completely unless it’s a pair of boots. I have weird anxiety around it, but the shopping trip was rather anti-climatic. No anxiety just yet, but I do have these sleek sneaks.

32. For the longest time I hated sour cream and guacamole. Now, I could eat both like ice cream. I won’t though, that’s pretty disgusting.

33. I’m getting over my obsession with only painting my nails different shades of pink, red and purples. I’ve branched out!

34. Always this.
35. I need to sleep with a fan on. My biggest worry when not in my own bed is “how can I get a fan sound.” I’ve even tried finding an app for my phone to recreate the lullaby a fan gives me. I blame my  mom for this quirk.


36. When I was around 14 I used to wear at least 30 bracelets on each of my wrists.

37. I very rarely purchase clothes at full price. I love a sale and a good thrift store.

38. I’ve been an alternative model on and off since 2004. I was once on the cover of a local newspaper, and have even done a few fashion/burlesque shows.

39. I wear two rings every day. One on each ring finger. If I don’t have the rings on I feel naked and even feel “phantom” rings.

40. I have a locket a good friend gave me, it’s contents are a secret. I glued it shut so no one knows what’s in it but me.

Tha’s all folks! Well, until next time.



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