Blast from the past, photo sifting style

Three days until my birthday is here. Can you think of a better time to post photos of me from previous years? I can’t!

As embarrassing as these may be, it was pretty amusing to sift through old photos. I really like seeing the different hairstyles I’ve had, even if they’ve made me come to the realization that I need a new one asap. Should I grow it out? Chop it off even more? New bangs? Color? Ahh!

: 2008 photographing my brother heading to his prom :: 2009 on a visit back to New York with a friend ::

I decided for a short while to go back to my natural red hair. That didn’t last very long and I went back to black.

: 2010 do you know how fast you were going back meow? Goofing off at work :

I was proving how absolutely ridiculous I look with aviator shades on. And even more so when paired with facial hair that I’m still trying to perfect growing.

: My birthday 2011 in NYC with Kh. We were hanging out at The Highline. :

That’s all for now, I’ll spare you the other embarrassing and slightly ridiculous photos I have of myself. I’ll be sure to post some more photos after this weekend. I’ll have to capture every second of turning the big… 26!




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