Crafty clay round up

I’ve got to admit, I’ve been neglecting this little blog all weekend. We finally finished all the painting in the apartment, and have begun moving all of Kh’s things over. The most important in my mind being the wall art, and bed frame. Bed frame = check, wall art = half check. Nothing makes me happier than an entire wall covered in art, and photographs.

The final clay craft I had scheduled was lost to cyberspace. So to make up for it, and to give me some time to re-post the final clay craft I have, here’s a round up of some clay crafts I’ve been particularly found of recently.

:: Clay jewelry dishes :: Clay buttons ::
:: Fingerprint jewelry :: Sculpey nature prints ::

Oh sculpey, I just adore you and all of your options you give me.

I’m hoping to have enough time in the next day to put up my final clay jewelry DIY, but no promises. I had so much fun putting them all together, I’m almost sad the week is over with. I’ll have to have another week long of DIY tutorials soon. If you happened to miss all 5 days, here’s a recap!

Day one : knot our average bangle
Day two : braided clay cuff
Day three : twisted clay rings
Day four : lightning bolt necklace
Day five : clover headband

Want to take one of these home? Just refer to this post, and you could easily win one of them. Free shipping, directly from my hands to yours.

Back to cleaning, organizing and packing the apartment.



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