A touch of green – clover headband

This post is going up a littler later than usual, as I got caught up in the whirlwind of painting my kitchen today. Yellow! Perfect for this gloomy rainy day  here in Boston. But nevertheless! Here we go.

In celebration of St. Patty’s day, and day 5 of the clay craft week, I bring you something to spruce up any outfit with a touch of green.


  • A headband
  • Sculpey
  • Adhesive (e6000 is what I use)


1. Break off 3 pieces of the sculpey all of the same size, and one piece that’s considerably smaller than the other pieces. This will be the stem, and the other 3 pieces will be the clover leaves.

2. Knead all 3 pieces of clay and shape them into hearts. Make the bottom of the hearts a little bit longer.

3. Once all 3 of the clay pieces are shaped like hearts, take the bottom of each piece and mush them together with your fingers. Be careful not to lose the shape of the hearts at the top.

4. Using the last piece of clay you have, form a stem shape and wrap it around the bottom of the 3 hearts. Mushing it together to try and get seamless edges.

5. Bake it, as always, according to the directions that come with your clay.

6. Once the clay is completely dry, take out your headband and your adhesive. Glue the clover down to the headband, and let it sit to dry.

After it’s had enough time to dry, you’re all done. I originally wanted to turn this into a button, but I like the way the headband came out even better.

Don’t forget, you could win this clay craft or any of the other clay creations I’ve posted this week. Read up on how to here!




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2 responses to “A touch of green – clover headband

  1. That’s cute! 🙂 Cheerz to a happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Uncle Tree

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