Lightning bolt necklace DIY

We’ve made it to day 4 of my clay-mazing week of crafts. Let’s have a short recap shall we?

:: Day 1Knot your average bangle ::
:: Day 2Braided clay cuff (and my personal favorite)::
:: Day 3Twisted clay rings ::

And don’t forget, you can easily win one of these clay creations. Read up on it here to get the know how. Free!

Ok, now back to business. Today I bring you a super cute lightning bolt necklace, made entirely out of sculpey. Well, the charms at least, not the chain itself.


  • 3 jumprings
  • A chain necklace
  • 2 different colored Sculpey
  • X-acto knife


1. Break off two pieces of sculpey, one of each color. Make sure the pieces of sculpey are of varying sizes to create the two different sized lighting bolts.

2. Knead the sculpey to soften it up. Then roll out each of the sculpey to a likable thickness. It’s all up to you how thin or thick you make it, just remember too thin and they may fall apart.

3. Once you have the sculpey rolled flat, take your x-acto knife and cut out a lightning bolt shape from each of the flattened sculpey.This one took me a few tries, anytime I messed up I just reformed the ball, and flattened it out all over again. Took me 4 times the first try..

4. Remove all the excess sculpey, and you have a lightning bolt.

5. Taking a sharp object, like a toothpick or a knitting needle, poke a hole in the top of each lightning bolt.

6. Bake it according to the directions, and let it cool off. I gave it at least a day to really settle.

7. Now take a jump ring and attach each of the lightning bolts to one. After, attach both of them to the last jumpring. String it on the chain you have, and you’re ready to get thunderstruck!

Tomorrow makes day 5. Stay tuned for what’s in store!




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3 responses to “Lightning bolt necklace DIY

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  2. I love this!! I want to make one for my husband! I featured this on my blog:

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